Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oh yeah, one more thing......

Seems they have paid up the rent on . If you go to it you see the famous eyes/crow wings symbol from the first movie. I assume this is to secure the site for when and if the reboot gets done.

Long time no post!

Greetings! Yep, it has been a year and a half since my last post here. Probably no one has noticed and the same will read this. But for my own satisfaction, I am getting active again.

So what has been going on via the Crow front, not a whole lot. The reboot of the films is still in pre-production, though they claim to be closer to bringing things all together. I have still not heard directly from anyone on this and have no idea what we can expect.

Frank over at Crowfans wrapped up the latest Croween contest with winners announced.

O'Barr continues to make appearances. He recently announced progress on the LONG in the works re-edit of the original Crow graphic novel with panels originally deleted from it.

I have not heard anything on the Blu-ray front in regard to the movies. Surely there are plans to bring them to Blu-ray. I would love for them to get Proyas' involvement and put out a Blu-ray that is the ultimate version of the film. Also would love for Tim Pope to be allowed to assemble his true vision for COA on Blu-ray. They could really make the Blu-ray release of these an event.

Man, I see so much false information on the first movie's events being posted around the net. People totally confused as to what scene Brandon was shot during, how much of his performance is in the film, etc. I think that is what has drawn me back out amongst the mess. Someone has to set the story straight. It seems since ABaHB stopped being active, the Crow world has lost focus on our past.

Well, that is enough random rambling for the time being. I will be hunting down information and posting it.