Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pressman wants Nick Cave to rewrite new Crow film

The folks over at TheWrap spoke to Pressman recently. Seems there is a rewrite of the Norrington script for the new Crow film being done. None other than Nick Cave has been asked to complete said rewrite. Those that know Pressman are familiar with rewrites (for some reason he didn't commission any rewrites for Salvation which could have used a few more passes before going before cameras). Not sure if this means the Norrington script was not working, or they wanted a different voice to see how it stirred up the pot. The same was done with the first film's script where you had Jeff Most and John Shirley writing the initial drafts and then David Schow coming in to add his flurishes. One thing for sure this does mean, it will be that much longer before cameras start rolling on the film.