Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rochelle Davis confirmed for Scarefest08 and Croween 2K8 News

Reminder that Croween2K8 ramps up the 1st of August. Go to the Crowfans website or MySpace site for details.

Rochelle Davis (Sarah from the first Crow film) will be part of a panel during Scarefest08 in Orlando (image above from last year's program). Check out the site later in the year for details as they are added. In the mean time, click here for list of known guests.

Thanks to Frank for the heads up on Rochelle. We are pulling together all the questions sent in for her and will get those forwarded on.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A "murder" of Crow related news

Hey folks, hope your summer has been a good one so far. As you can tell by the lack of updates, I have been busy. But not too busy to catch THE best ever comic to film of all time, The Dark Knight. You gotta check out this movie, it is fantastic.

OK, on to Crow news. I mostly have fan-related stuff to report. Since the official creative forces have gone to sleep for The Crow, we, the fans, have carried forward creating some great stuff. David J. from over at Crowcoll has alerted me to some really cool fan-based stuff.

First off, A.J. has created another fantastic Crow-inspired video on his site. You need to check out the latest entitled "The Crow: Descent", way too cool!

Are you into Crow art? Here is a link to a site that is doing some crazy sick stuff with movie posters, to include The Crow.

Finally the folks over at have taken the 1994 movie "The Crow" and synched it with Queensryche's "Rage for Order" (1986). This is some wild stuff that you have got to read to believe.

Thanks again to David J. for heads up on all the above stuff. As I said, it is the fanbase which is keeping the flame going for The Crow. I still hold out hope that franchise we all love is brought back to life much like Batman and Halloween have over the last few years.

Our good friend Jamie Christopherson (composer of the score for The Crow: Wicked Prayer), has a lot of updates on his site. He has been a busy man, check out some of his latest work.

Finally, don't forget that Frank is gathering the troops and pulling together Croween 2k8. Start working on those ideas right now. I have been asked to be a judge once again and this year, I am going to really be looking for some originality. The thing I hear most from fellow fans about the official projects is "I can do better than that." Well prove it! Lets see how creative you can get this year.

I hope everyone is doing well. Take care & God bless.