Friday, February 29, 2008


Hey everyone. Sorry for the absence. Over the last 7 months I have been helping my wife take care of her parents who have suffered a variety of illnesses. The sad ending to all this, both have passed on; father in-law on Christmas day and mother in-law just last Thursday. They were both in their early sixties, way too young, but they are in a much better place, free of the pain that they were suffering.

Now that things are getting back to "normal" (if there ever will be such a thing) I am getting back into the update game. There has not been a lot happening, though seems our girl Bai Ling got into a little trouble at an airport recently when she fancied something other than the "pretty lights" and failed to pay. You guys of course saw the update on Statham talking a possible Crow remake (please oh please say it isn't so!!).

I will be reposting reviews of previous Crow works with a current spin on them. I think it is high time we take a look back and see what all has transpired in the Crow world. I am still working on that mega Crow article I promised that speaks to where it all started and where things ended up.

Take care & God bless