Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Crow: Final


Detroit, October 2012.

Six years ago, at the age of 19, Rachel Storm was brutally murdered on a bus en route from Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio to Somewhere Not Here, USA. Guided by her predecessor, Eric Draven, and the mysterious Skull Cowboy, Rachel returned to the world of the living to avenge her death and the deaths of her fellow passengers. Rachel has killed three out of the four men responsible for the murders. For unknown reasons, Rachel has let the Fourth Man, Edmund Wiley, live.

Rachel Storm, The Skull Cowboy and Eric Draven will soon learn the dark consequences of this act of mercy, this defying of the rules and traditions of the legend, the myth, and the story of
The Crow...


Written and Directed by Bryan Enk
Inspired by the work of James O'Barr
Fight Choreography by Qui Nguyen

Monday, 10/29 @8PM
Tuesday, 10/30 @8PM
Wednesday, 10/31 @8PM


Jessica Savage, Adam Swiderski, Britton Lafield,
Jessi Gotta, Dan Maccarone, Marguerite French,
Robert Pinnock, Sarah Jane Bunker, Carrie Johnson,
Roger Nasser, Fred Backus, and Jeff Lewonczyk

Suggested Donation: $5
100 minutes. No intermission.

The Brick Theater
575 Metropolitan Ave
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L to Lorimer / G to Metropolitan

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Latest photo and muse from Robert Zuckerman

If you haven't picked up Robert's "Kindsight" book, get your tail off the couch and do so! It is a wonderful book. It has managed to move beyond the shelf and become a living example of how to live and view life.

Here is the latest photo and muse from Robert. Click on the image to read the story behind the photo. Fantastic stuff......enjoy

Back in the saddle

Hey folks, long time no post! Been an absolutely crazy time the last few months. Would like to say it was crazy as in crazy fun, but alas, it hasn't been. Suffice to say the "really real world" has been kicking my arse. But enough of that, on to a cool update.

There is a new Crow project about to be released by some fans that looks to be pretty cool. It is called "The Crow: Devil's Night". Give it a look come October 30th. Here is their MySpace with all the details and a sneak preview. Thanks to Deaderman for the heads up on this.

I am working on a multi-part piece that chronicles the franchise. Where it started, where it has been and where it is going. Look for it very soon.

Finally, don't forget to get registered for the Crowfans STH contest. Click here to register. Some really great prizes for the STH fans.

Take care.....