Sunday, December 31, 2006

James O'Barr......whats he up to?

Want to know what James has been up to? James contributed to "The Ride". It looks to be a variation on the work he was doing for a new Crow story that featured a man and wife returning.

Go here to read the full story:

Rochell Davis' real life imitating art

Getting everyone caught up on some old news here. This was first brought to my attention by CrowTV and was posted on the Chamberoom by Dark Soul back on 1 November. Rochelle Davis (real name Andrea Ruano) has fallen on some bad times. Read the story below. It almost reads like something from an alternative sequel from the first Crow film. Very ironic. We hope for the best for Rochell/Andrea.

Mom says daughter helped Bloods out of fear

Bucks County Courier Times


The woman who let a group of Bloods street gang members deal drugs out of her apartment once played a little girl who needed protection from a superhero in the 1994 movie “The Crow.”

But when Andrea Ruano feared getting robbed this summer, she didn't turn to a superhero.

Ruano's mother, Maun Flanagan, says her daughter had actually let the “Sex, Money, Murder” gang members live in the apartment because she was afraid of getting robbed.

The 26-year-old Penndel woman and four alleged members of the Bloods street gang — Oscar “Leroy” Holland, 26, also known as Yorrel; William Elon Murphy, 27, aka Jerzy; and brothers Darryl Dwain Owens, 21, known as D, and David Lamar Owens, 19, known as Dip — were arraigned Friday on charges that they were involved in a corrupt organization dealing heroin and cocaine out of Ruano's Oxford Grant Apartment following a two-month undercover investigation.

Ruano also faces child endangerment charges for allegedly keeping her 3-year-old son in the apartment during drug deals and at least one robbery — the very thing her mother said Ruano thought the Bloods would prevent.

“It's quite a fall,” Flanagan said outside the courtroom Friday morning. “We knew something, nothing good was going on over there because she had a gun to her head a couple weeks ago.”

The apartment, where police said as much as $2,500 worth of heroin was sold daily, was robbed the night of Sept. 19. A group of men from another gang armed with an assault rifle and a shotgun broke into the apartment, tied one gang member up and stole at least $1,000 worth of “rent money,” police said.

In a taped copy of the 911 call that night one gang member's voice can be heard whispering. But the dispatcher could barely hear the man and asked him to repeat himself. He whispered again, slightly louder, “Help. We're being robbed.” But when police showed up to investigate the incident, the victims could only describe the robbers as “black males.”

Police said Ruano's 3-year-old son Destin was in the apartment that night.

“Everyone was telling her she was hanging out with these guys who weren't really her friends,” Flanagan said.

Police investigated the alleged drug deals out of Apartment 146 for two months before raiding it Thursday. They seized a cell phone used for drug deals, a .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol, heroin, cocaine and several pieces of gang paraphernalia. They also found pictures of Ruano with actor Brandon Lee and Ruano's film resume under the stage name Rochelle Davis.

Flanagan said her daughter was traumatized when Lee was accidentally killed on the set when he was hit by a round from a prop gun during an action scene. Ruano had to go back and film the final scene with a body double replacing Lee. Flanagan said she's never been in a film since.

Flanagan said Destin is staying with her and his father at their Middletown house.

Ruano and the Bloods are each in Bucks County prison on $1 million bail.

NECA releases classic cult series

The folks at NECA released back in October a single figure from their previous two-pack that contained Eric Draven and Top Dollar in battle. Now they just have Draven, holding the steeple piece.

My personal opinion is "meh". But if you don't have the 2-figure set this might be worth a purchase for you.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

ABaHB Returns!!!

Welcome everyone. Irony and I celebrated 10 years of service to the Crow community this year. It was a quiet one, but given the current state of non-activity on the Crow front, it offered us a time to rest and recharge the batteries. The time has come to get back to work :)

Crowfans has opened their doors again, and we hope other old friends will be getting back into the game. The plan is to get our fan base active again. I have sat back and watched online communities such as keep their franchise not only alive, but prospering. I want to do the same for The Crow.

The future of The Crow lies in our hands. Who knows what the "industry" has in mind for the future. All I know is that WE can take the franchise under our wing and give it new life.

At any rate, with the new year will come a new energy and dedication to this franchise. I am excited about the prospect of once again communicating with friends and meeting new fans of the franchise.

Take care.....


Friday, December 29, 2006

A Boy and His Bird Returns

Now in new blog form!