Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All indicators point to theatrical release for Norrington's Crow film

With it appearing that Dimension is out of the way and Relativity taking over distribution, one would think that the new Crow film by Norrington might stand a greater chance at a theatrical release. All indications are that is the route being pursued. Of course, we have heard that before and have seen the last two films go the direct to video route. We shall see if all good intentions do lead to a theatrical release. That would be a bit of good news in what so far hasn't been anything to "crow" about with this latest effort. I stand cautious at this point, not cautiously optimistic as I am still not sold the route being taken is the best. However, for now, I will stand cautious and hope my fears are disproved.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Word on the reboot.....or is it?

MTV Splash Page has posted this bit:

The screenplay for a new The Crow film is finished and production will begin this year, Producer Edward Pressman told MTV today.

The new film will, according to Pressman, be set in both a small Southwest town and a larger city. The action will move from the town to the city and back again.

Though a star is not currently attached, Pressman claims that an offer has gone out to "a major actor".

The new film will attempt to reboot the franchise with a number of alterations. One Pressman talks about is the nature of the actual Crow itself, describing it as "a creature... it's not just a bird. It's got a personality and a character. Not like Godzilla exactly, but it's very different [and has] a more active role in the story."

All I can say is this looks like another rehash, recycled, reheated attempt at the original movie. This sounds nothing like a reboot. The more I hear, the further I feel this is going down the road of just another sequel. I want to be wrong, I really do.